HirePaths to Collaborate with Roots and Legacies to Expand Business Partnerships

Posted November 3, 2022

HirePaths, a campaign to grow the Kansas workforce and keep more young people in Kansas after they finish their education, is partnering with the consulting firm Roots and Legacies to expand the numbers of businesses sponsoring the program. 

HirePaths is the brainchild of Manhattan-based marketing company New Boston Creative Group LLC. The campaign introduces families and educators to many high-demand careers available in Kansas and the many different paths kids can use to get career training.  

“We started HirePaths as a way to combat the state’s workforce shortage. Along the way, it has become clear that an outcome of our success will be keeping a greater percentage of young people in Kansas after they finish their education,” said Kristin Brighton, co-owner of New Boston Creative Group and founder of HirePaths. “This partnership with Roots and Legacies expands our ability to include more Kansas businesses in our campaign.”

Jackie McClaskey, former Kansas Secretary of Agriculture, and Sarah Goss founded Roots and Legacies in 2001. Roots and Legacies consults on a wide variety of matters for organizations and businesses that impact agriculture, the food industry and rural America. 

“For decades, Kansas kids have struggled with the decision to return to their hometowns after leaving to further their education. Some believe opportunities do not exist for them or that there isn't a meaningful future for them here. The reality of today’s workforce shortage is there are thousands of jobs going unfilled across the state, jobs that could provide many of these young people with a great future and career,” McClaskey said. “We could not be more excited to help expand this initiative and promote the growth of our state’s economy.

Companies are encouraged to learn more at hirepaths.com and follow the campaign on social media @HirePaths. To learn more about opportunities for businesses to get involved, reach out to Sarah Goss at sarah@rootsandlegacies.com or 785-472-8914.