HirePaths is a Kansas-originated, statewide educational campaign to inform and excite parents about options their child can pursue after high school to quickly and affordably launch a well-paying, in-demand career.

This campaign is the brainchild of New Boston Creative Group, LLC (NBCG), a Manhattan-based marketing and communications company with clients across the state.

The need for a skilled workforce has reached a crisis point. The principals of NBCG have brought together stakeholders from industry, professional associations and educational institutions to address this need. Founding investors in HirePaths include Textron Aviation, Stormont Vail Health, and the Kansas Contractors Association.

HirePaths is seeking other employers interested in helping to expand this campaign and be featured in its materials. For more information, email Sarah Goss or call at 785-472-8914. 


Employers are struggling to find workers with the training and skills they need. This is a long-term crisis with no easy fix. Part of the problem is our imbalance between the careers young people are exposed to and the real-world skills employers demand. HirePaths was created to help better align the expectations and skills of young people with the real needs of Kansas employers.

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HirePaths educates families and teachers about high-demand careers in Kansas and ways young people can get the training to launch those careers, including:

  • High school career and technical education (CTE) courses
  • On-the-job training programs
  • Apprenticeships and internships
  • Technical college programs
  • Traditional two- and four-year options

Along the way, HirePaths encourages families and educators to explore a range of careers with their kids at every grade level. The goal is that more students will take advantage of free and low-cost training opportunities in high school and will graduate better prepared to enter the workforce, or quickly pursue technical training or higher education.


HirePaths highlights sponsoring Kansas employers, careers available in their organizations and their current vacancies. Choose the best way for your business to get involved and raise your visibility with the Kansas workforce. Email Sarah Goss to get involved and for additional information.
2023 contracts run February 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024.

*Video benefits vary whether the sponsorship is new or a renewal.


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