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Whether you're an educator at a K-12 school or a volunteer at a youth organization, you can help kids explore their career options! Inspiring kids to think about their futures is a huge gift, and you can bring interesting paths to their attention. The industry professionals below are ready to meet with your students and present the exciting opportunities in their field and how to get started. After all, kids can't dream about something they've never heard of, right?

Browse this directory of volunteer speakers across Kansas, then reach out to them directly to schedule a presentation. 

Speakers in the Aerospace & Aviation Industry

  • Samantha Zupko, K-12 Program Manager, Textron Aviation
    • Presentation topic: We offer virtual and in-person presentations to classes and educational groups that are tailored to the group’s specific needs. We can also attend career fairs upon request. Schools can request in-school visits directly here.
    • Able to travel to: Wichita area for in-person visits and anywhere else for virtual talks
    • Phone: 316-350-6844
    • Email:

Speakers in the Education Industry

  • James Genandt, President/CEO, Manhattan Area Technical College
    • Presentation topic: High-wage and high-demand workforce education opportunities through the Kansas Technical Colleges, and our role in collaboration for economic and community development.
    • Able to travel to: Anywhere in Kansas, including the KC metro.
    • Phone: 785-320-4500
    • Email:

Speakers in the Healthcare Industry

  • Quincy Bocquin, Career Counselor, and Terri Dean, Recruiter, Stormont Vail Health
    • Presentation topic: Overview of jobs in a hospital setting, what education and training is needed for different healthcare careers and how to get started
    • Able to travel to: Topeka, Silver Lake, Rossville, Meriden, Lecompton, Lawrence, Kansas City,
      Auburn, St. Marys, Manhattan, Junction City, Dover, Hoyt (anywhere within 1.5 hours of Topeka)
    • Phone: 785-354-5737
    • Email:

Speakers in the Manufacturing Industry

  • Vicki Morse, Human Resources Professional, Caterpillar Inc.
    • Presentation topic: Interview techniques and best practices to ace all of your interviews
    • Able to travel to: Northeast Kansas, southeast Kansas, central Kansas and potentially other areas depending on schedule
    • Phone: 785-640-1599
    • Email:

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