Using HirePaths in the Classroom

How to Use Real Success Stories in Your Classroom

  1. Tell your students to choose one of the 12 industry categories (listed on the right side of the webpage) they’re most interested in, then have them read a story within that industry. Ask them questions about what they read like:
    • Were you surprised by how that person got to their current position?
    • What kind of training did this person need to land their job?
  2. On each of 12 days, assign your students a specific industry, then have them choose a story within that category to read. Ask them questions like the ones listed above. 
  3. Have your students search for a story subject that has the same first or last initial as they do. Tell them to read that story, then ask them questions like the ones listed above. 
  4. Assign your students to write their own Real Success Story! They could interview a parent, aunt, neighbor or other adult in their life and tell the story of how that person got started in their careers. Students can develop their own questions to ask their interviewees or you can make some suggestions.

How to Use Cool Careers Videos in Your Classroom

  1. Show Cool Careers episodes as bell-ringer activities. Ask your students questions like:
    • What surprised you about that career field?
    • Is that job something you’d be interested in doing?
    • What was the most exciting part about that job?
  2. Assign Cool Careers videos as homework. Have your students watch the video at home (on their own or with a parent) then ask them to answer questions like the ones above.
  3. Have your students create their own Cool Careers video. Tell them to pick a career they’re interested in and film an episode themselves using a phone or iPad. Whether they interview an actual professional or role-play that they have a particular job, let them get creative and explore. 

How to Explore Careers in Your Classroom

  1. Assign your students a specific industry to explore. Whether you work through the list alphabetically or randomly, start with one industry category and ask your students to answer questions about that industry and the jobs listed under it. Discussion and questions might include:
    • Before looking at the HirePaths website, list at least five jobs you think fall under this category.
    • Look at the “soft skills” that are important in this industry. Which of those strengths do you have?
    • Look at the full list of jobs under this industry. Do any of them surprise you?
    • Click on three job titles that interest you most. Answer the following questions for each job:
      • What kind of training is recommended for this career path?
      • What does the growth projection look like in Kansas for this career?
  2. Ask your students to explore specific careers. With so many job titles to choose from, you can either assign a few careers each week or let your students pick jobs they’re interested in learning more about. For each job, have them answer questions like:
    • What kind of training is recommended for this career path?
    • What does the growth projection in Kansas look like for this career?
    • Is this a high-demand job in Kansas?
    • What about this job would you enjoy?
    • Do you know anyone who has this job? If so, who?
    • What skills do you have that might make you good at this job?