Every year, teachers and parents worry about the “summer slide,” which is when kids lose educational skills over the summer break. This year, the team at HirePaths challenges you to plan an age-appropriate Summer Career Exploration Camp for your family as a way to keep kids growing this summer. We’ve provided four categories of ideas consisting of more than 100 intentional activities you can do with your kids to explore careers and career skills:

Level Up: 

Throughout, we’ve provided ways to level up the activity for different ages and abilities.

Conversation Sparks: 

We’ve also provided conversation sparks you can use to inspire kids to think more deeply about the life lessons and skills embedded in each activity.

Download Activity Idea Charts

Print off the worksheet that's right for your kids, then stick it on the fridge for inspiration the next time you need something fun and interesting to do! Each number listed on the chart corresponds to an activity listed on this section of our website, so click around for additional information about each one.

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