Resources for Parents and Guardians

This website and our HirePaths Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds provide a valuable stream of tips, tricks and tools you can use with your child to explore a broad spectrum of future career and training possibilities at home. Be sure to check out the resources below!

  • Real Success Stories

    Meet real role models working in various industries who have found success through alternative pathways after high school — and read more about why they love what they do for a living!

  • Blog

    Receive ideas and tips of ways you can work career development into your parenting practices.

  • Explore Careers

    Your child's career options are endless! Thinking through all possible careers can be overwhelming, so we've provided you with this easy way to explore various industries with your child. This list focuses on career paths a young adult can quickly pursue after high school with on-the-job training...

  • Featured Employers

    Learn about real employers who might want to employ your kid in the future.

  • Cool Careers Video #4

    Cool Careers Videos

      Hosted by local kids, each episode highlights an exciting career in Kansas. Whether you're a parent watching with your children or a teacher watching with your class, we hope you enjoy!

  • 100 Activities to Do with Kids

    Keep your kids engaged, spend quality time with them and sneak in a little (fun!) learning. We've created a list of 100+ activities for families to do together — from games around the house to field trips across Kansas. Explore and enjoy!


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