Careers in Construction & Manufacturing

Entry-Level Careers

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  • Construction Laborer

    On-the-job training or practical experience | $15-$18/hour

    Entry-level laborer jobs are a great way to see if construction is a career path for you! Laborer positions include assisting with duties such as shoveling, digging, and spreading construction materials, serving as a signal operator to facilitate the alignment and movement of materials, operating light machinery such as jackhammers, and helping with placement, moving and dismantling of traffic control devices (cones, barricades, signs, etc.). Must pass drug screens and background checks.

  • Equipment Operators/Quarry Workers

    On-the-job training, vocational courses, or practical experience | $18-$20/hour

    If you enjoy driving and operating large equipment, companies in this industry are often willing to teach new hires to operate a wide range of equipment, including skid steers, rollers, low horsepower tractors, brooms, loaders and bulldozers. These roles require a basic understanding of various equipment operation and maintenance (such as lubrication and fueling). Employees are often trained on other, more complex equipment as skills are mastered. Must pass drug screens and background checks.

  • Mechanic Helper

    Trade school certifications in diesel technologies | $18-$20/hour

    If you like working with your hands, fixing things and maintaining vehicles or other machinery, a great way to get started is by working as a mechanic helper, cleaning and performing light repairs while gaining valuable experience that can lead to other opportunities. Many experienced mechanics and fleet greasers start as a mechanic helper to gain knowledge and experience troubleshooting and diagnosing problems. Must pass drug screens and background checks.

  • Truck Driver

    Commercial driver license (CDL) and practical experience | $18-$23/hour

    If are comfortable behind the wheel of a powerful engine, consider driving vehicles for heavy construction, including water trucks, dump trucks, and lowboy trailers. Investing the time to earn your CDL is a great way to get started in this position. Must pass drug screens and background checks.

Careers Requiring Advanced Training/Experience

  • Experienced Equipment Operator

    Trade school certification or associate degree | $20-$23/hour and up

    After some time spent operating heavy equipment, many employees advance into an experienced operator position, which requires additional skills and proficiency. Experienced operators are assigned to run finish blades, bulldozers, loaders, material transfer vehicles, laydown machines, pavers and rotomills. Must pass drug screens and background checks.

  • Payroll Clerk

    Associate or bachelor’s degree or practical experience | $40,000 to $50,000

    Payroll clerks answer employee payroll-related questions, manage time and attendance tracking, handle payroll deductions and tax withholdings, upload and process payroll and oversee tasks such as salary direct deposits, record retention, fuel usage reports, holiday/sick leave and employment verifications. Most work in a standard office environment and operate computers and other office machines.  Must pass drug screens and background checks.

  • Quality Control Technician

    DOT certifications, practical experience | $40,000+

    Quality control (QC) professionals inspect construction projects, test materials and complete documentation for plant facilities. QC staff develop and maintain relationships with clients, facility managers, Department of Transportation staff, other government personnel and vendors. A broad understanding of various construction materials is also required. The QC tech also evaluates volumetric data to adjust mix productions to ensure compliance. Must pass drug screens and background checks.

  • Shop Foreman/Project Manager

    Associate or bachelor’s degrees in business or construction management | $50,000+

    Supervisory opportunities are available throughout the construction industry and require a professional and courteous attitude, strong work ethic, and high standards. Those interested in a foreman position need to understand as much as possible about the area they’re supervising, as well as management practices such as scheduling, workflow, governmental policies and procedures, repairs and quality control. Must pass drug screens and background checks.  

  • Skilled Laborer

    Apprenticeship, trade school certification, associate degree, or practical experience | $15-$20/hour and up

    Entry-level laborers who gain specialized skills and knowledge of particular materials can advance to being a skilled laborer. This can include moving into roles such as a journeyman, entry-level equipment operation, and concrete finishing.  Must pass drug screens and background checks.