Why Is Heavy Construction a Great Industry to Work in?

Heavy highway and utility construction is a highly paid, highly skilled field that needs an infusion of young workers to keep up with future demands. This demand benefits people considering this field because of:

  • High salaries for not much experience — Low unemployment and an aging U.S. population has created great demand for new workers in heavy construction. With labor shortages, companies have developed on-the-job training programs to provide new employees with the skills they need.
  • Opportunities to advance without debt — Because most new workers learn what they need to know on-the-job, most employees in this industry have little or no school debt. Once someone learns the industry, they have many opportunities to grow and advance into different jobs within the field.
  • Tuition reimbursement and training opportunities — Heavy construction employers are often willing to cover costs associated with additional training and certifications to help their employees grow professionally.
  • Transferrable skills — Once you’ve gained a solid understanding of heavy construction skills, what you know is very transferrable. You are pretty much guaranteed to find employment anywhere in the world.
  • Winters Off — One of the unsung perks of heavy highway and utility construction is that it is seasonal. This means that laborers often earn a year’s wages in about nine months, which means during the winter months they can get time off to travel and spend time with family. Those in more managerial and office jobs work a regular 12-month schedule, spending time in the winter months completing proposals, planning upcoming projects, and pursuing continuing education.
  • Opportunities to be an employee-owner — Many (but not all) Midwestern heavy construction companies are employee-owned, which means that after a time, employees can earn shares of company stock and benefit personally from the company’s success.

You’ll see that once many employees find success in this industry, they never look anywhere else!