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Stormont Vail Health employees dedicate their lives to improving the health of their communities. From traditional patient-care careers like nursing and physical therapy to creative jobs like marketing or interior design, health care offers a broad range of specialized career opportunities — and those opportunities are only going to increase in the coming years as our population ages and new technologies change how the field of medicine is practiced.

Stormont Vail Health is a Topeka, Kansas-based comprehensive health care system with more than 5,200 employees serving patients in 13 counties. In addition to its main hospital campus and 14 locations in Topeka, the organization has 11 regional clinics, with more than 1,200 employees working for Stormont Vail outside of the Greater Topeka area. 

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Parent Tip:

Among Stormont Vail Health’s 5,200 employees are high school students getting real-world work experience. If health care is something your child is interested in, consider how working in a hospital or clinic part-time before high school graduation could help your child explore this in-demand industry!