Careers at Textron Aviation

Careers requiring high school diploma or GED

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  • A&P Mechanic

    High school degree or equivalent, with knowledge and experience of mechanical devices and aircraft systems

    A&P mechanics (the common name for airframe and powerplant mechanics) work with aircraft in various stages of repair, assembly, and disassembly. They assist licensed mechanics in the completion of airframe overhaul, repair, or modifications. A&P mechanics help with the setup, tear down, and cleaning of equipment, tools, and supplies used during the repair of customer aircraft, and often tow and move aircraft during maintenance duties.

  • Aircraft Structure Mechanic

    High school degree or equivalent

    Aircraft structure mechanics assemble primary and major sheet metal assemblies, including different types of metals, composites and other materials. This includes a variety of operations in the assembly involving component tooling where some judgment is necessary, such as cutting, filing, drilling, countersinking, fitting, and shimming. Sometimes, this work includes applying sealing, bonding agents, and other liquid adhesives, and installing hardware such as spring pins, cotter keys, and safety wires. Structure mechanics also conduct functional testing of parts and assemblies.

  • Avionics Tech

    High school degree or equivalent, with two years of college or technical school training in electronics

    Avionics techs perform functional testing, troubleshooting, and avionics systems repair on board aircraft at a Textron Aviation Service Center. Testing is used to isolate a consumer complaint in a particular avionics system and repair that system in accordance with FAA procedures. This could include in-flight analysis and/or evaluation of information received from the customer to diagnose problems and take corrective action, troubleshoot problems to defective units or wiring, replace defective units, or repair and modify aircraft wiring. May include accompanying pilots for inflight testing. 

Careers requiring bachelor's degree or higher

  • Airframe Design Engineer

    Bachelor’s degree in aerospace or mechanical engineering, or related degreed technical fields

    Airframe design engineers serve as the point of contact for problem-solving and developing efficient aircraft structures. To do this, design engineers incorporate improvements using CATIA software with emphasis on 3D modeling and drafting. They coordinate with various technical disciplines such as manufacturing, tooling, structural integrity, and aerodynamics. They work closely with a team to support design interpretation, investigate and respond to conflicts when prototypes are being assembled, and continually participate in the development and improvement process of aircraft.

  • Customer Service Representative

    Bachelor’s degree or a minimum of five years aircraft maintenance experience required

    Customer service representatives (CSRs) serve as the main point of contact with customers, and work with the service center team to maintain and develop positive relationships with current and prospective customers. CSRs meet with customers upon arrival; review work scope, warranty programs, and applicable service bulletins; schedule service; discuss payment terms and seek upselling opportunities. Upon completion of work, CSRs handle invoicing and collect payment, follow up to make sure all open issues are resolved, and evaluate the success of the visit.

  • Finance Business Partner

    Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or related fields

    Finance business partners support the overall goals of Textron Aviation. Serving as a key business analyst and liaison between business operations and finance, this position fosters communication and knowledge between business and finance, and serves as an advocate for both. Finance business partners enhance the organizations’ awareness and understanding of operating and performance information and financial scenario planning, as well as the impact of management decisions on financial results. This includes participating in monthly/quarterly business reporting, variance analysis, and month-end close activities, as well as developing weekly cash forecasts and tracking actual cash receipts. 

  • Flight Test Pilot

    Bachelor’s degree in aerospace, mechanical engineering, or another technical degree, plus FAA Commercial Multi-Engine rating required and 2,500 total hours of flight time required

    Test pilots conduct assigned flight testing and support engineering with the development, certification, and launch of new or modified airplanes. This includes participating with technical discussions regarding airplane design, systems, and installed equipment; defining, scheduling, and planning flight tests; conducting flight testing to develop new products to meet customer expectations and demonstrating compliance to certification requirements; reporting on test flights and coordinating with appropriate groups to resolve issues.

  • Graphic Designer

    Bachelor’s degree in game art development, gaming, graphic design, industrial design, or a related field

    Graphic designers create and design graphic projects for internal and external marketing customers, and they provide project support for the entire team. They work with marketing and outside vendors to supply support for various graphic needs, produce graphic projects in the type of format they need, maintain knowledge of graphics applications, and create marketing materials (banners, posters, and other visuals) to support trade shows and events. Some support the development of augmented and virtual reality tools used for product development and presentations to customers.

  • Interior Engineer

    Bachelor’s degree in mechanical or aerospace engineering, or another related field

    Interior engineers design, develop, and test aircraft components and their installations, including aircraft furniture, composite panels and environmental system air ducts. They create engineering drawing packages using CATIA; coordinate design/development for manufacturability, cost, schedule, and regulatory compliance; write technical descriptions pertinent to design or test requirements; develop solutions to common engineering problems; design and assist with fabrication of prototypes for testing; and assist in test procedures.

  • IT Developer

    Bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science or a related field

    IT developers support the development and enhancement of information systems and develop applications that are effective solutions. They transform user requirements into technical design models, test plans, and design reports to establish the most effective and efficient application solution. As needed, they perform assigned application modifications to consistently satisfy business objectives, plan assignments, provide input to project leaders, report on progress, and conduct employee trainings.