Kaitlynn Bachman

Human Resources Business Partner

Before starting my career, I thought about studying law or psychology. I was intrigued by rules, laws and consequences. Plus, communication is a strength of mine, and I’m always trying to figure people out or understand the deeper meaning behind certain situations. Human resources ended up being the perfect fit because it combines all those skills and interests!

I’ve had jobs as a recruiter — someone who helps a company find the right people to work there — and as a human resources assistant and generalist. All those experiences helped me prepare for my current role as a human resources business partner at Central National Bank. I like that in this job I’m able to help with recruiting for my company, but I also get to interview potential employees, send offers to people who might join our company, coordinate with my supervisors about day-to-day issues, handle payroll, help new employees get started and deal with numbers and data for the business. I also get to dig into laws about running a business and help make sure we’re doing everything the right way.

I love my job because I get to work with people. Giving advice or answering questions when someone needs my help is very rewarding. At its core, human resources is all about helping people and doing the right thing, both of which I’m passionate about. Also, every day at work is different! I never know what new adventure will pop up or what will be needed from me, which keeps me on my toes.

I’ve learned to be successful in this field largely through hands-on experience. I watched how things were done, read notes, asked questions and then would try for myself. The other part of preparing came from course work and studying for two exams. Basically, once you have a certain amount of experience, education or a mix of the two, you can take certification tests, and if you pass, then it shows employers that you’re knowledgeable about the field.

This is a great field to consider because it will always be needed! If you’re interested in a career like this, take advantage of all computer classes in high school. Most of my job is centered around technology, so it’s important to be savvy. Also, communication is a huge factor, so writing classes can be helpful. While I have extensive education, that’s not a requirement to work in human resources. You can find a great job without a four-year degree, or at least get started with experience or credentials.

If you’ve ever heard a negative stereotype about people who work in human resources, just know that it’s not true — we can be a fun group!