• Aaron Fritz


    "When I first set out for college, I was planning to pursue a career in accounting. But after attending Dodge City Community College for two years, then transferring to Kansas State University, I ended up earning my bachelor’s in economics.

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  • Alex Richmeier

    Project Engineer

    I first became interested in construction when I was in high school. I’d helped some family members complete a few home renovation projects and really enjoyed the process. During that time, I was exposed to the planning, budgeting and execution required for even small construction jobs.

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  • Autumn Spittles

    Project Assistant

    "The summer before my senior year at Council Grove High School, I decided to get a job to gain work-life experience. I accepted an entry-level position hoping I could learn and grow. I quickly found I needed a more challenging environment to work in. Jobs were very hard to come by because this was...

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  • Ben Loewen

    Heavy Equipment Operations Manager

    “I didn’t really have construction experience before working at MJE, but a friend told me I should apply, and the money was great, so I did. I’ve always felt like you can learn whatever you need on the job — work ethic matters more than anything. My willingness to show up every day and get the job...

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  • Ben Whitten

    Project Administrator

    "I graduated early from Manhattan High School and started working at Timberline Cabinetry the following day. I have had a passion for creating things and woodworking ever since my freshman year when I built a bed with my dad. In high school, I took woodworking and engineering design courses that...

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  • Bob Jordan

    Excavator Product Specialist

    I’ve always been interested in tractors, trucks, cars — really any machines that were around on the small farm I grew up on. My dad and grandfather seemed to be able to fix anything that broke down, and watching them get things back up and running got me interested in doing the same.

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  • Breiton Pfannenstiel

    Heavy Equipment Operator

    “My dad’s an electrician. Growing up in Hays, I always wanted to be just like him. He’d do side work for friends, and I would tag along, get some experience watching and helping him. I liked doing that. But as I got into high school, I started to learn about other possibilities through career days...

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  • Cody Clancy

    Laborer/Forklift Operator

    "My dad was a construction worker, and slowly but surely as I grew, my interest in what he did for a living began to grow as well. I thought it was really cool to drive over a bridge and tell my friends my dad built it. It was when I got to high school and began taking shop classes that I fell in...

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  • David John

    Commercial Truck Driving Instructor

    “I became interested in the military in high school after a visit from a recruiter. I understood at the time that higher education wasn't going to be the best option for me, but that I needed job skills that would set me up for a career. 

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  • Debra Carpentier

    Project Coordinator and Senior Draftsman

    As a child, Debra Carpentier loved to build houses with any kind of toy she could find. Today, she uses computer-aided design (CAD) and other skills to help architects with the drawings for building construction and remodel projects.

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