• Chance Jacobson

    Chance Jacobson

    Wind Turbine Technician 2

    I became interested in wind energy during my junior year of high school when several things happened at once. First, I realized there wasn’t room to join my dad and grandpa in our family farming operation like I’d hoped. We were considering my options when we heard about wind energy from a...

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  • Colin Sikes

    Wind Turbine Technician

    "I didn’t think much about wind energy as a career at first. Then, for an English paper as a high school senior, I randomly chose to research and write about working as a wind turbine technician. As I completed the assignment, I realized the wind industry might be for me.

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  • Franco Del Pozzo

    Electrician Apprentice

    When I was a child, I wanted to be a lawyer. I liked the idea of using logic to arrive at a certain point or conclusion. That interest never went away, but instead of using logic in a courtroom, now I use it to install electrical features. 

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  • Jared Kirkland

    HVAC Service Technician

    I took a pretty unusual path to get to where I am today!  I always knew the heating and cooling industry was an interesting field. So right after high school, I earned my bachelor’s degree in construction science and management. With that degree in hand, I started working in an office as a manager...

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  • Jeremiah Meeker

    Electrician Apprentice

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to understand how things work. When I was a kid, I loved taking things apart and putting them back together. And I was never very “book smart” — learning was easier for me when it was experiential. I pick things up really quickly when it’s a hands-...

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  • Jon P. Dooley-Weiland

    Natural Gas Service Technician

    As a child, I always saw myself becoming a first responder one day. Law enforcement, fire department, maybe emergency medical services … I’ve always loved helping people, and a career in one of those fields just seemed to be where my path was heading.

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  • Kahm Flanary

    Marine/Journeyman Lineman

    "I always knew I wasn’t going to a traditional four-year college after high school. I did well in school and enjoyed it, but I didn’t think I’d be able to sit in a classroom for another four years. Also, I wasn’t into the price tag that came along with it.

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  • Megan Vesterberg

    Electrical Technician

    Megan Vesterberg was looking for a career change when she found the electrical technology program at Salina Area Technical College. Today, she has a fulfilling career doing what she loves as an electrical technician. 

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  • Ryan Benton

    Transmission Planning Engineer

    As a kid growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, I wanted to be a musician. Then I took economics in high school, and I realized there is a high supply of musicians and a low demand for paying jobs in music. So, I looked for other career options. My dad was an electrical engineer. I took a career...

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  • Sophie Justus

    Sophie Justus

    Mechanical Engineer

    One of my earliest career interests was to become a teacher. I adored and respected all of my teachers throughout school, and they instilled a real love of learning in me. Having that kind of lasting impact on others sounded special. 

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