• Andre Connor

    Data Operations Analyst

    "I was stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, pursuing my dream of becoming an Army Ranger, when I suffered a back injury that left me disabled and wondering what to do. I’d always been interested in information technology and IT security, and I realized a career in that industry would allow me to move...

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  • Cortland Newman

    Product Support Specialist (Seasonal)

    I’ve always been aware of Garmin products around me, like their navigation systems and, of course, their facilities around town. But it never dawned on me that I could work at a company like Garmin until I saw an opportunity through my high school to apply for their summer internship program. That...

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  • Dale Richardson

    Certified Electronics Technician

    When Dale Richardson was 12 years old, he got an electronics project for Christmas — he's been passionate about electronics ever since. Today, he gets to do what he loves at Garmin. 

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  • Dalton McCune-Seiler

    IT Support Technician

    I’ve always been interested in technology. When I was younger, I had my first experience with computers when my mom bought an HP desktop. I remember playing around on it and accidentally making a change to the computer that I didn’t know how to undo. I rushed to bring it back to normal before she...

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  • Debra Carpentier

    Project Coordinator and Senior Draftsman

    As a child, Debra Carpentier loved to build houses with any kind of toy she could find. Today, she uses computer-aided design (CAD) and other skills to help architects with the drawings for building construction and remodel projects.

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  • Fredrick Kamau

    Quality Tester

    Fredrick Kamau knew from a young age that he wanted to work in the tech field. As a quality tester at Garmin, he works with team members to make sure their products meet (or exceed!) customer expectations. 

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  • Jemel May

    Walmart Fulfillment Operations Manager

    Growing up in Lansing, I dreamed about being a professional football player. I was all-state for Lansing High School and was the 1998 track and field state champ in the long jump. Even after I became a father my senior year in high school, I held on to that dream, enrolling at the University of...

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  • Joe Vyzourek

    Joe Vyzourek

    Owner, KYVZ Radio

    I was given a small radio when I was 4 years old, and I wore it out from constant use. I was fascinated to hear stations hundreds or even thousands of miles away. In March of my second-grade year, we had three blizzards back to back. The electricity was out, but the guys on the local radio station...

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  • Jonas Cruz

    UPS Preloader Scanner

    My father and his brothers served in the military, and as a kid I was always struck by how patriotic they were. That influence shaped my decision to become a soldier. I joined the Army Reserve with my two brothers right after graduating from Garden City High School, with the goal of earning the GI...

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  • Kevin Hecht

    Agronomist/Precision Ag Specialist

    I’ve always had a fascination with farming, especially farm machinery. My father, an agronomist, helped a farmer with harvest and I was hooked from a very young age. I looked forward to spending all day and most of the night observing, and my parents had to pry me out of the machinery when it was...

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