Michael Hidalgo

Personal Banker

Michael Hidalgo

I started to consider working at a bank shortly after graduating from high school in Topeka. I wanted to build up my resume and get experience in a professional setting. Plus, a friend had worked at a bank and told me they’d learned a lot of valuable skills there. 

Banking turned out to be a great fit for me and I’m still in the industry today! I’m currently a personal banker with Commerce Bank in Hays, where I help customers with everyday transactions and all kinds of financial needs. If they’re searching for something specific, such as guidance about a long-term goal like buying a house or saving for retirement, I introduce them to a specialist at Commerce who can help them get there. 

The conversations I get to have with each customer and all of the relationships I build are the best parts of the job. It’s amazing to make connections and help people get what they need. The team at Commerce is also great, so I enjoy going to work every day.

Most of the training for this job was hands-on in the office with a few courses sprinkled in. Commerce does a fantastic job of getting you where you need to be so you can understand how all our processes work and feel comfortable in your role. 

A bank is a great place to grow! I’ve learned so much about saving, borrowing and other financial skills that will definitely help me in my future. The beauty of this job is that you learn how to set yourself up for success while helping others do the same. 

Ultimately, I would love to manage a branch or transition into the commercial side of banking. Helping business owners and corporations with their needs is intriguing. I’ve really enjoyed working with consumers, but I’m always up for a new challenge! 

The financial industry can be intimidating at first — at least, that’s how I felt in the beginning! — but I think people should give it a chance. It’s an exciting space filled with incredible opportunities. If you’re even a tiny bit interested, I would suggest taking math and finance courses when possible, then take the leap! It might just be the perfect fit.