Real Success Stories

Meet real role models working in various industries who have found success through alternative pathways after high school — and what they like about what they do! Looking to dive deeper? Complete this scavenger hunt to help you explore the many paths to success.

  • Jonas Cruz

    UPS Preloader Scanner

    My father and his brothers served in the military, and as a kid I was always struck by how patriotic they were. That influence shaped my decision to become a soldier. I joined the Army Reserve with my two brothers right after graduating from Garden City High School, with the goal of earning the GI...

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  • Cortland Newman

    Product Support Specialist (Seasonal)

    I’ve always been aware of Garmin products around me, like their navigation systems and, of course, their facilities around town. But it never dawned on me that I could work at a company like Garmin until I saw an opportunity through my high school to apply for their summer internship program. That...

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  • LaFonda McCullough

    Reverse Logistics Processor

    When LaFonda McCullough heard about Garmin and their many career paths, she already had soldering experience. Her skillset helped prepare her for what she does now: repairing customer products. 

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  • Pablo Holguin

    Animal Care Manager

    I grew up on a small farm where we had cattle, horses, hogs, sheep, goats and chickens, so I was always around animals. From a young age, my father taught me how to identify the ones who weren’t feeling well and what the best ways to make them feel better would be. Nurturing and taking care of the...

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  • John Remmert

    Precision Ag Sales-Engineer

    It’s no coincidence that I work with tractors and implements for a living, considering I dreamed of becoming a ship captain or an airline pilot as a child. I’ve always been fascinated with large machinery and the people who operate it.

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  • Kaitlynn Bachman

    Human Resources Business Partner

    Before starting my career, I thought about studying law or psychology. I was intrigued by rules, laws and consequences. Plus, communication is a strength of mine, and I’m always trying to figure people out or understand the deeper meaning behind certain situations. Human resources ended up being...

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  • Brian Crockett

    Real Estate Agent

    I became interested in real estate while I was in high school. My mother was a real estate agent, and I always enjoyed hearing her talk about helping people purchase their first homes and the excitement that they had. I finally decided to make the transition to becoming a real estate agent myself...

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  • Michael Freeland

    Graphic Designer

    I’ve been interested in design and marketing for as long as I can remember. According to my mom, it began as soon as I could hold a pencil. There's a photo of me in a high-chair, drawing “perfect circles,” as she liked to recall.

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  • Dale Richardson

    Certified Electronics Technician

    When Dale Richardson was 12 years old, he got an electronics project for Christmas — he's been passionate about electronics ever since. Today, he gets to do what he loves at Garmin. 

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  • John Scheck CIC, AIC, AINS, AIS, CISR

    Claims Advocate

    I’m not sure that as a child I ever decided what I wanted to be when I grew up. But now, I know I’m where I’m supposed to be. The path to my career wasn’t what you would call “traditional.” I earned average grades in high school and felt that a four-year college just wasn’t the right choice for me...

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