Seth Edigar

Fiber Technician

Growing up, I always liked the idea of being a teacher. Educating others while making learning exciting and easy seemed like a dream job. And while I didn’t technically end up as a teacher, I do get to help others succeed in my current role.

I work as a fiber technician for IdeaTek (a broadband service provider) where I install internet and WiFi in homes. This job entails working with the customer to discover their needs and the best internet plan for them, then setting everything up for them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once I’m done installing equipment, I help them connect their devices and make sure things are working smoothly. Beyond helping the customer, I also work closely with my coworkers to solve problems and learn new techniques.

This position came to me through a friend who reached out and asked if I was interested in this kind of work. I jumped on the opportunity and immediately enjoyed working in a fast-paced environment with other motivated people.

Initially, I didn’t have any training in this field, so I learned everything on the job. I have a strong work ethic and drive, and my team helped me learn along the way — a perfect recipe for success! Now that I have my footing and have been able to grow in this role for a few years, I would love to become a team leader and continue working my way up in the company.

If you’re interested in exploring the technology field, I’d encourage you to take shop classes if you can. And consider taking business or leadership classes, too — those skills are valuable, no matter what you pursue.

Regardless of the job you’re after, make sure to research the companies you’re applying to. Remember: They’re interviewing you, but you also need to screen them! You want to work for a company that shares your values and supports a mission you can get behind.