Bob Jordan

Excavator Product Specialist

I’ve always been interested in tractors, trucks, cars — really any machines that were around on the small farm I grew up on. My dad and grandfather seemed to be able to fix anything that broke down, and watching them get things back up and running got me interested in doing the same.

My high school football coach knew I wanted to learn more about being a mechanic, so he introduced me to a neighbor who worked in the heavy equipment industry. From there, I was told all about Murphy Tractor and their tuition reimbursement program for technicians. Ready to get started, I called Murphy Tractor and spoke with the service manager. He answered my questions about the program and told me how a bulldozer works. I was fascinated! From that day on, I was eager to learn how all heavy equipment operated.

I took advantage of the tuition reimbursement program through Murphy Tractor, and after two years I earned an associate degree and became a John Deere construction equipment technician. While going to school, I worked as an apprentice technician, which helped me apply the things I was learning in real life. I was also able to learn from the other technicians, which was a huge asset.

Today, I’ve been in this industry for more than 20 years and am currently an excavator product specialist. I love that I’m able to devote most of my time to the machine that I enjoy the most. And when you work for a good employer, you want to be a good employee — I hope to spend the rest of my time working with Murphy Tractor, and eventually retire from the company.

If you’re interested in being a mechanic, take shop classes when possible and try to attend your local technical college to gain more hands-on experience. As with most jobs, communication is key. I wish I would have put more effort into public speaking classes, because everyone appreciates a good communicator, so keep soft skills in mind, too. Remember: You don’t have to come from a farming or construction background to get started. With a good attitude and a willingness to work, anything is possible.